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Digital supply chain solutions for resilience, profitability & sustainability – workshop

Sign up for our workshop on Wednesday 6th December 2023 for a presentation and case-study review, co-hosted alongside Deloitte. A wide range of topics will be discussed–from macro trends affecting supply chains to embedding sustainability into business processes.

About this event

Supply chain issues continue to be at the forefront of challenges faced by businesses as they continue to grapple with macroeconomic headwinds and seek effective digital solutions to streamline operations.

The three-hour webinar will be divided into three main areas: a presentation, case studies and an interactive session.

  • The presentation will discuss key supply-chain challenges that affect businesses and will include topics such as macro trends, balancing value creation and protection, and embedding resilience and sustainability into supply chains
  • The case study section will analyse what leading organisations are doing and will go into some detail about the benefit cases of supply chain digitisation
  • The third element of the webinar, the interactive session, will discuss the Menti Survey on challenges and priorities and will also include online breakout sessions

Who should attend?

The event will be of interest to supply chain and technology directors from a range of industries such as automotive, FMCG, Aerospace & Defence, textiles and retail.

Future of Supply Chain Lab Proposed Agenda

1. Introduction & objectives 10:00-10:10

2. Perspectives on latest trends and context on how digital supply chain solutions can improve your bottom line 10:10-10:40

3. Survey – challenges and priorities 10:40 – 10:50

4. Deep dive topics:

  • PLAN – AI enabled IBP: AI IBP facilitates end to end harmonisation across all functions, gaining insights from both ends of the supply chain to improve decision making and increase efficiency

Coffee Break 11:10-11:30

  • SOURCE – Digital Procurement : Digital procurement transformation Coupa / SAP show and tell 11:30-11:50
  • END-TO-END – Cognitive Control Tower: Creating visibility and single source of the truth for E2E supply chain 11:50-12:10

5. Interactive Activity – Survey Reflections and Breakout Rooms 12:10-12:50

6. Wrap up/Next steps 12:50-13:00

Why you should attend

The workshop aims to raise awareness about the potential of industrial digital technologies, outline a fit-for-purpose digital transformation road map and identify the required skills to support this journey.

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