The benefits of digital supply chains

Made Smarter Innovation | Digital Supply Chain Hub exists to increase digitalisation of supply chains.

We’re improving the flow of data through supply chains and the surrounding ecosystems and incorporating digital tools and technologies to create opportunities to connect systems and value chains, communicate more effectively, creating a robust data system which can be leveraged to meet the supply chain challenges of today and tomorrow.

Seamless and sustainable global trade

Building stronger supply chains from makers and manufacturers through to retailers and customers

More resilient economies

Less friction in supply chains with better data sharing and more effective flows of capital and goods

Reduced environmental impact

Working to reduce carbon emissions and improve the social impact of global supply chains

Globally competitive UK manufacturing

Showcasing the power and strength of UK manufacturing and supply chains around the world

Digitally empowered UK businesses

Utilising better data and analytics building more resilient UK supply chains and stronger UK businesses

Continuous product and service innovation

Using digital tools and technologies to build and design improved products and services

Supply chains made smarter, together

Our vision is to transform UK manufacturing through digitally empowered supply chains that are more efficient, resilient and sustainable.

The Digital Supply Chain Hub has been created to help businesses realise the relevance and critical value of digital supply chain technology. Together with the ecosystem, we to tackle critical supply chain challenges and find advanced digital solutions that work for the collective interest.

We make sure that everyone involved understands the power and value of collaborating across the supply chain. Creating collaborative discussions we invite and bring in parties that might otherwise not have collaborated together.

Our ambition is to work with all layers of supply chains, creating collective movement designed to make supply chains run smoother.

From manufacturing and industry, suppliers, supply chain influencers and technology providers, we’re building opportunities for startups and academics to build and support supply chains that are –

  • Powered and empowered by digital technology and innovation
  • Collaborative in practice
  • Regenerative by nature
  • Adaptive to today’s challenges
  • Prepared for future challenges
  • Fully optimised (flows)

A hub for effective collaboration and innovation

The Made Smarter Innovation | Digital Supply Chain Hub is a digital innovation ecosystem that empowers individuals and organisations to work together to make supply chains smarter.

A perfect partnership

Bringing together the right partners, expertise, tools and digital technologies to make change happen.

Tackling challenges

Focused on facing the challenges of today and into tomorrow, the Hub is impact-driven and future-focused.

Value and knowledge exchange

Facilitating value exchange and creation across the full supply chain through shared intiatives and learnings.

Accelerating adoption

Developmental support to unlock and accelerate digital supply chain adoption for UK manufacturers and suppliers.

Our mission

About the hub

We’re developing and empowering a globally competitive digital innovation ecosystem. Find out what the ambition for the programme is and what challenges we’re looking to solve.

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