Who's involved - Supply chains made smarter, together

Backed by an influential consortium of technology, industry, academic and governmental players working in supply chains, Made Smarter Innovation Digital Supply Chain Hub forms the perfect partnership of people and tools.


The Hub is delivered in partnership with leading manufacturing and supply chain organisations. This ecosystem – spread across a broad range of sectors – allows us to share best practice, develop learnings and ensure that advanced digital technologies can be deployed to benefit the whole economy.


We’re working with influential people from across the ecosystem as part of our strategic advisory board and our industry advisory group to ensure that we’re building and developing our programme to meet the needs of business and creating exciting opportunities for innovation within supply chains.


The Hub supports new research and technology projects as part of our work. Learn more about the cohorts taking part in the work of the Made Smarter Innovation | Digital Supply Chain Hub to tackle resilience, supply chain imbalance, mapping and more.

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