Our world is in a constant state of flux.

Our ability to understand, and if possible predict what’s ahead can impact greatly on our capability to adapt and respond. Supply chains play a critical role in our lives and their resilience is fundamental to how we thrive and survive.
Across our calls to action and challenge, our advisory groups and sponsorship opportunities, the hub provides a range of mutually beneficial opportunities for your business:

Funding opportunities

Offering a range of funding opportunities to develop and implement challenge focused technology solutions.

Technology and industry expertise

Access to a support network of industry and technology experts to help develop impactful yet achievable outputs.

Peer to peer learning

From manufacturers, startups and researchers we form peer-to-peer interactions and learnings at every level of the programme.

Impactful events

Participation in our ecosystem events, showcase experiences, plus networking opportunities with the full community.

Backed by industry

We’re about the ground-level, backed by our partners and advisory, the programme is led and shaped by industry.


We seek to unlock and accelerate UK innovation, adopting advanced digital technologies for the UK supply chains and industrial sector.

Part of Made Smarter

Being at the forefront of industry innovation the hub is part of the Made Smarter Innovation initiative

Challenge focused

Based on our insights and expertise, we’ve designed the hub to to develop insights and solutions critical supply chain challenges

Opportunities to join the movement

Across the hub activities we’ll have various ways to join in and tackle the key challenges within supply chains. Find out the ways you can register to get involved and our open calls to action.

Digital supply chain testbeds

The National Digital Supply Chain Testbeds will involve supply chain companies working with domain experts and technology providers to build an end to end testbed that delivers on their business goals by testing advanced digital solutions.

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