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Our flagship projects


The CMBEE flagship project aims to create a new standard for interpreting engineering information to allow better coordination across more resilient supply chains, cutting waste in materials, time, and money.

Logistics Living Labs

The Logistics Living Labs flagship project aims to reduce congestion, improve the customer experience, and bring the UK closer to its net zero ambitions through the use of technology to better coordinate last mile logistics.


The Interoperability flagship aims to overcome barriers to information flow in supply chains to optimise decision making through the creation of open, extensible, and verifiable artificial intelligence / machine learning based solutions.

Critical Minerals

Enabling UK manufacturers to improve the sustainability and resilience of their supply chains through better informed sourcing decisions through the development of a digital toolkit to govern and incentivise data pooling in the critical minerals supply chain.


The PROGRESS flagship project is developing core capabilities in digital consignment tracking to enable simpler, cheaper and more efficient trade processes.


Smarter together

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