Delivered by the HVM Catapult and The Data City, the supply chain directory is a free, regularly updated database that provides detailed information on UK manufacturers across multiple industries. It combines publicly accessible and user-provided data and enables businesses to better target new suppliers and customers. It also allows for a more strategic development of the UK’s manufacturing community, as policymakers will be better able to identify clusters, gaps and expertise or capabilities in globally significant areas (e.g., net zero).

This open access database is not limited to SIC codes and has sector groupings that allows users to find companies in key UK supply chains more easily.

Directory benefits

Find new suppliers or customers

Use the comprehensive data to discover new UK based supply chain partners for your business and bring your production to the UK.

Strengthen UK supply chains

Benchmark your supply chain against others in the sector and get insight into best practice.

Shape the UK’s manufacturing sector

Claim your data and contribute to the database to support national policy action.

Discover industrial clusters

Find the best place for your investment by locating the skills and capabilities needed for your supply chain.

Why should I get involved?

  • Why should manufacturing companies get involved in the directory?
    • Find new suppliers and customers to bring cost-effective production to the UK
    • Improve your supply chain resilience by identifying strengths, weaknesses and different supply routes
    • Identify alternative supply chains where your company could have an advantage
    • Discover capabilities across the UK to anchor your business
    • Promote your business to a global audience
  • Why should industry bodies get involved in the directory?
    • Identify the industry mix of areas around the country for your campaigns
    • Help your members and partners to anchor their production in the UK
    • Develop better reports and recommendations using up-to-date industrial data
    • Build stronger connections with other organisations for industrial coalition-building
  • Why should a public body get involved in the directory?
    • Map the UK manufacturing sector to understand policy impacts
    • Discover industry clusters that could benefit from further investment or co-ordination
    • Develop national initiatives for UK manufacturing, in areas such as workforce development and identifying collaborative R&D
    • Understand the currently existing supply journeys for critical UK products
    • Inform delivery mechanisms for both national and local policy objectives, such as net zero and regional development

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