Manufacturing Engagement Survey

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UK Manufacturing is facing a supply chain crisis, with rising prices, transport delays, materials shortages and working capital pressure. All sectors are being impacted, with frontline manufacturers squeezed by customer requirements and supplier challenges. Whilst technology is rapidly advancing, is it meeting the business needs of manufacturers and do the right solutions exist?

The Made Smarter Innovation | Digital Supply Chain Hub, in partnership with regional development authorities, industry bodies and other partners, is working to help manufacturers tackle their supply chain difficulties head on – helping manufacturers connect with today’s solutions and build the solutions of tomorrow.

We want to better understand your business priorities and needs, and so we invite you to contribute to shaping our Future of Supply Chain programme.

By completing this short survey, you will help us develop our research and programming in line with the specific needs of the manufacturing sector. This could be around resilience, compliance to standards, planning, forecasting, or cost savings. 

The survey takes six minutes to complete and can be found by clicking this link.

If you are interested in taking part in either our Future of Supply Chain Labs for SMEs or our Bespoke Labs for larger organisations, you can find out more information by visiting the Future of Supply Chain page.

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