Supply chains in digital makeover through five new projects

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Supply chains in digital makeover through five new projects

15 August 2022

Digital Catapult has today announced five new projects backed by titans of industry joining its Made Smarter Innovation | Digital Supply Chain Hub, tackling major supply chain challenges.

The Hub will drive adoption of advanced digital technologies to create more efficient, resilient and sustainable supply chains. This digital innovation ecosystem empowers cross-industry organisations to work together and share learnings.

The Hub is awarding £320,000 in total to two research projects and three technology – focused projects aiming to understand, predict and adapt to the pressures facing supply chains today. The programme will allow organisations and research bodies to trial and test the use of digital technologies to better prepare for the many factors that can destabilise a supply chain and have a severe impact on the coordination of materials and goods, such as economic instability and unexpected interruptions, natural disasters and the outbreak of war. 

With sponsorship from leading organisations including BAE Systems, the Food Standards Agency, Zoll, Nissan, Schneider Electric, Sainsbury’s and Cranswick, the projects will use advanced digital technologies to address supply chain issues that have severely impacted UK industry. The projects will be addressing issues including supply chain collaboration, resilience, mapping, and sustainability, along with supply and demand imbalances.

Participating organisations and projects include:

  • WMG aims to provide a synthesised definition of supply chain resilience and identify appropriate mitigation strategies to improve end-to-end supply chain resilience.
  • Singular Intelligence will develop a cost-effective AI-driven supply and demand sensing solution for SMEs that can accurately anticipate market signals and reduce the risk of supply-demand imbalance.
  • Using cutting edge natural language processing and machine learning technology, Versed AI will build on existing capability to identify supply chain relationships and products.
  • Data Catalyst will develop the capabilities of Smart ESG, their low-friction ESG product for SMEs to tackle the essential but complex problem of scope three emissions in the supply chain.
  • Infoculture aims to develop a concept framework and model for effective governance of UK supply chain collaboration. These objectives will be captured in a roadmap, and a proof of concept demonstration.

‘With supply chain challenges so often in the news these days, Digital Catapult is proud to fund a fascinating range of innovation projects to help tackle the challenges associated with advanced technology adoption within supply chains.’

‘Our first tranche of projects as part of the Digital Supply Chain Hub demonstrates the breadth of expertise and technology available to start to solve some of these challenges around sustainability, resilience and efficiency.’

Jeremy Silver, CEO of Digital Catapult


‘The Digital Supply Chain Hub is helping identify and address some of the current Supply Chain challenges that UK industry is facing.’

‘The Hub is made up from a wide ranging list of different industry members  and yet the Supply Chain challenges we face are all very similar; through the leadership of the Digital Catapult along with close working with industry we are looking for technological solutions and accelerating our learning so that we can help deliver digital capability to bridge these challenges with pace.

Chris Pett, Head of Supply Chain at BAE Systems

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