Supply chain resilience – read more on the challenge background

Research: Supply chain resilience

The term supply chain resilience has gained increasing prominence in business continuity planning across all sectors.

Christopher and Peck (2004) define supply chain resilience as “the ability of a supply chain to return to normal operating performance, within an acceptable period, after being disturbed”, where disruptions are defined as “unplanned and unexpected events that interrupt the flow of materials and products within a supply chain” (Hendricks and Singhal 2005).

There remains considerable ambiguity about acceptable time period of recovery. There is also demand for new and better tools and approaches for the anticipation of risks to enable pre-emptive actions.

Assessing the improved resilience of UK supply chains through the application of digital innovations will be a key area that the Digital Supply Chain Hub will need to address.

Coming up with a standard measure of resilience and a methodology for improving it based on this initial analysis looks increasingly like an interesting area for the Hub to innovate in.