Challenge Description

The import and export processes of both BAE Systems and Leonardo UK currently face numerous challenges in achieving seamless cross-border trade, highlighting a significant potential for optimisation and improvement. These challenges include:

  • Effective data extraction and validation. These essential steps encounter inefficiencies due to issues such as non-standardized data content and inconsistent formats, spanning from PDFs to other variations, which complicate data integration efforts.
  • Lack of consistent visibility into export and import progress is worsened by inadequate notifications that fail to offer timely updates.
  • Manual interventions introduce errors, further hindering efficiency, while internal systems struggle with reconciliation issues, impeding smooth digital integration.
  • The absence of an optimised governance system, agreeable to all participating organisations, raises concerns about data safety and confidentiality.
  • The absence of an agreed methodology for allocating asset ownership between participants and intermediaries poses a significant obstacle, particularly in aligning with the consignment flow during the export /  import process.