Standardised labelling system for automotive spare parts


NBT group is leading a consortium to create a testbed environment for modeling spare parts supply chains and testing new technology solutions to improve sustainability and performance. The testbed will support the development of a digital twin of a spare parts supply chain for any interested party. NBT’s 2021 Innovate UK funded Feasibility Study revealing 90%+ of all emissions are Scope 3 within an organisation’s supply chain.

This testbed will allow for modeling collaboration to improve sustainability, circular economy practices, and the impacts of new technologies like additive manufacturing.

Challenge Description

Inconsistent identification and labelling standards present a significant challenge across supply chains, including automotive, amplifying supply and demand risks and reducing efficiency, productivity, and lead times. 

This is remedied by implementing a standard framework supported by AI, transforming legacy records into a uniform format for seamless part identification throughout the automotive supply chain. This standardisation streamlines processes, mitigates risks, and boosts efficiency and productivity.