ESG measurements in food supply chains


Hydrologiq is working to develop a testbed in the emerging hydrogen supply chain. The aims of the testbed are to enable collaboration between supply chain and end customers by managing disparate data in a central, transparent and extensible platform. This will improve sustainability by allowing processes to be modelled and impact to be assessed, drive down costs through demand aggregation and build better supply chain resilience.

Challenge Description

Beyond the initial operational challenges, the adoption of hydrogen on off-grid sites can be hampered by the lack of data and insights required for scaling. With its rich, multi-tier supply chain data, the hydrogen testbed can help 3rd parties assess their scaling options, taking into account the availability and the ease of transport of hydrogen across the UK. 

We would like to invite any 3rd parties with the ambition to scale their hydrogen adoption, especially in the non-road mobile machinery space, to work with us to address this challenge, which will in turn significantly accelerate the growth of the UK hydrogen market.