ESG measurements in food supply chains


The food test bed developed by Contained Technologies UK Ltd ( in conjunction with its broad consortium of academics & industry partners is a high-utility low accessible set of tools critical to the improvement of fresh produce supply chains from seed to shelf in commercial and environmental metrics. The system brings essential reporting requirements of the industries involved in the production, import & export of perishable goods into a manageable framework offering optimisation using both bleeding edge & known, reliable technologies to make real world difference to users

Challenge Description

We are looking for technology providers focused around ESG compliance within food supply chains. Ideal applicants will come with digital solutions that can complement our goal of creating a robust system that can create accuracy and transparency around ESG reporting in food supply chains, starting with fruit.

The final system should provide data in a form compatible with ESG regulatory reporting requirements as well as bring in work commissioned by the DEFRA Science team. This system will leverage multiple data sources, processed through the Food Test Bed platform, utilising AI tools to provide precise analysis of ESG data. This initiative aligns with the UK’s commitment to promoting sustainable practices in agriculture and logistics.

Data collection and integration:

– Data sources: We will gather data through CSV files and APIs covering key data points such as field location, farming practices, energy consumption, harvesting methods, transportation mode, and more.

– ETL platform – testbed: Testbed will serve as our extract, transform, load (ETL) platform, ensuring efficient data integration, cleaning, and preparation.