Building a digital technology solution to implement a data governance framework within supply chains


Enabling and governing the exchange of information and value between participants in digitalising supply chains is a universal challenge that prevents the efficient flows of materials and money across supply chains. The development of an advanced data governance system in the mould of open banking (or equivalent) could foster a more collaborative supply chain.

Challenge Description

Given the growing data and value flows across the Digital Supply Chain Hub ecosystem, there is a need to develop a data governance framework mechanism to build trust among participants. This will help ensure that their interests are maintained when sharing information with other participants in the ecosystem.

This challenge will provide two core capabilities:

  • Consensus mechanism: Enabling participants to co-design the rules for governing the exchange of information and value with ecosystem members..
  • Data governance framework: Codifying these rules into a technology solution which monitors participants’ compliance.  

Once developed, the solution will be explored as a complement to other collaboration technology tools that we are developing across the Digital Supply Chain Hub ecosystem.

Expected Outcomes

  • Rules around information and value sharing between ecosystem participants are co-designed with participants. Updating rules should be simple to enable more participants to join the ecosystem
  • Development of a technology solution that monitors and enforces the rules for:
    • Sharing information across supply chains and between technology companies
    • The attribution of value based on that data sharing
  • De-risking the information sharing between participants resulting in an increase in the exchange of information and value between participants in the Digital Supply Chain Hub ecosystem partners – with an initial focus on the Digital Supply Chain Hub testbeds.
  • Improved decision making across stakeholders due to the enhanced transparency and collaboration the system will provide
  • Develop a minimum viable product (MVP) by the end of the project (TRL6); Evidence of TRL4-5 required on open call application

Data provided by participants

Digital Supply Chain Hub ecosystem participants will collaborate in the consensus making process through sharing the rules they have developed that govern their existing collaborations. They will then provide simple integrations into their solutions for the monitoring of performance of these rules. However, they will not share the actual data in their systems and the information flows will happen within their own technology infrastructures and outside of the data governance tool.