Currently, more than 50% of drugs intended for clinical trials currently go to waste. Planning can be a challenge, with a disconnect between initial thoughts on what is needed and the reality when carrying out clinical trials. In addition, shelf life can vary and pressure points in supply chains can mean that supply and demand imbalance once participants have been recruited into trials.

By moving demand triggers from the end of the supply chain (distributors) to the beginning (manufacturers) and enabling just-in-time manufacture of drugs for trials, it will be possible to move towards a more personalised approach to medicines supply in addition to a significant reduction in waste and carbon footprint.

What will the project involve?

The Differentiator flagship aims to do just that. We will be mapping the current pharmaceutical supply chain for clinical trials and using this information to design a new one. Centred around ready access to data, we are aiming to enable personalised dosing in clinical trials through just-in-time manufacturing. This will help to combat the wastage in clinical supply chains whilst improving patient outcomes.

This will be delivered through application of new and existing physical and digital assets and an experienced cross functional team spanning academia, research and technology organisations (RTOs), SMEs and large industry.

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